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Conversion Rate Optimization is the marketing building block that is arguably the least understood by many businesses and online operators. After all, most marketing and website services offer a “plug-and-play” experience to create and operate an online presence. This approach is excellent for getting started but often falls short and leaves business owners scrambling to figure out how to grow their traffic because so little of it is converting into sales.

I am
Joseph “J” Toral
and this is where I come in

As a CONVERSION RATE OPTIMIZATION (CRO) specialist and a DIGITAL MARKETING coach, I help businesses (whether just starting on their journey or looking at improving already-existing processes) to figure out the most cost-efficient and effective ways to obtain, retain and convert customers. With a holistic approach that considers the whole customer journey, together, we can turn online strangers into your brand’s lifetime advocates and maximize the returned value of each dollar you spend on marketing.


  • J Toral will show you how to optimize your marketing spending

    How to optimize every dollar you spend on digital marketing

  • J Toral will show you how to measure the return on investment you get online
    How to measure your ROI and identify your weak spots
  • J Toral will show you how to delegate your marketing to good marketers
    How to delegate your marketing without losing accountability
  • J Toral will show you how to make a complete digital marketing plan
    How to develop marketing plans that get tangible results
  • J Toral will show you how to attract visitors and convert customers
    How to attract website visitors and convert them into customers
  • J Toral will show you how to get reviews, testimonials, and social buzz
    How to upgrade customers into your brand’s advocates
  • “J’s coaching has backed my confidence and sharpened my approach”

    – Benjamin Terk, Support Analyst, TRIARQ Health

    What I do & who do I work with…

    • Retail & e-Commerce
    • Digitally native companies
    • Non-Profits
    • Existing companies
    • Start-ups & new businesses
    • Brick & mortar businesses looking to grow an online presence
    • Traffic & Lead generation
    • Digital Marketing
    • SEO
    • Conversion Rate Optimization
    • User Experience Engineering
    • Sales funnel structuring
    • Customer journeys

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