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Hi, and welcome to my about section. I am a business consultant that works with online-based businesses helping them develop complete solutions for their websites, as well as their in-house business operations. The small business world has changed, and if you don’t have a functioning, positive, website that uses the right tools to turn web traffic into sales, then you aren’t in business very long. I get the pleasure of working with business owners every day, teaching them how to use this new frontier to their benefit.

I also work with individuals, helping them find work, advance their careers, or develop positive habits. I get to do this because of a history of being an employer, trainer, and coach for companies from restaurants to web-retailers. I started doing this after I saw just how much my experience came to my aid when moving almost 800 miles on less then a months notice.

I started learning these skills when I bought my first business, a computer gaming arcade, at the age of 16. For two years, I quickly found that my passion for anything entrepreneurship related would drive me to new projects and businesses. At 18, I completed college for Network Administration, and Software Development, while trading in my computer arcade for a partnership in a pizza franchise and to start my own computer repair company.

For years, I learned everything I could about how to make a business more efficient. I found that most cost issues in a business can be solved by the people who do the work. I worked closely with my staff and colleagues to develop new ways to hire, train, and teach. We wanted to find simple systems that would allow the people responsible for production to be able to enjoy what they do, take pride in their work, and enjoy helping the business help itself.

During this period, I branched out into social marketing. Learning how to build a team of self-employed people proved a special challenge. It is a whole different experience than working with paid employees. This was when I knew I wanted to become a business consultant. I encountered partners, owners, and agents, who all had the same dream. They wanted to be successful, while relying on their own merits. These were ambitious people who wanted freedom and independence, but had no experience on how it was achieved. Teaching them became my passion.

When I was finished with the endless heat of the kitchen, I was ready for a change. I decided to move states to pursue advancing my work with computers. I found a calling in developing websites for companies who needed someone with the technical skills to see their dream sites come true. With an intimate knowledge of what a business owner needs from their technology, I have been able to make custom solutions that save time, money, and frustration.

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