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The business world has continued to change and become increasingly digital. Today, if you don’t have a functioning website that uses the right tools to turn web traffic into sales, you likely won’t see your business grow to where you would like it to be.

This is where I can help you.

I work with businesses and marketing teams, helping them refine their approach to website design and digital marketing to enhance the rate at which online visitors are converted into customers and, eventually, brand loyalists. Whether you are an already established online business looking to improve your processes or are just starting your digital journey, I am here to help.

My history of working as an employer, trainer, and coach gives me a unique perspective and position to help businesses elevate their marketing and extract a better ROI – just ask the many retail, restaurant, and eCommerce businesses I’ve helped.

Buying my first business – a computer gaming arcade – at 16 and then eventually trading it in for a pizza franchise partnership ignited my love for small businesses. Since my early days, I’ve successfully grown and operated several small businesses and, time and time again, saw the same patterns emerge. For years, I learned everything I could about how to make a business more efficient. After moving 800 miles on a less-than-a-month notice and taking stock once again, I realized how my experience could be a lot more useful to many more people rather than re-applied once again and my next venture.  What’s more, what I knew could be done by anyone if they just had the right tools!

That’s right. Today, my goal is to provide you – whether an established business owner, someone just starting out, a marketer, or someone in the leadership role – a way to re-evaluate and enhance how you’re attracting, converting, and keeping your customers. Showing you how to get a better ROI out of your efforts is my passion.

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  • J Toral will show you how to optimize your marketing spending

    How to optimize every dollar you spend on digital marketing

  • J Toral will show you how to measure the return on investment you get online
    How to measure your ROI and identify your weak spots
  • J Toral will show you how to make a complete digital marketing plan
    How to develop marketing plans that get tangible results
  • J Toral will show you how to attract visitors and convert customers
    How to attract website visitors and convert them to customers

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