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4 tips to help convert your website visitors into customers this holiday shopping season

This year’s rollercoaster of global events has made it more difficult for traditional retailers to operate. Ongoing events and their correlating unpredictable and ever-shifting social circumstance…
Why improving your website’s cyber security is crucial for effective conversion rate optimization

Why improving your website’s cyber security is crucial for effective conversion rate optimization

For most online businesses, getting and growing website traffic is only the beginning of their customer acquisition journey. Many things need to be taken into consideration to optimize that proces…

Why you need a personal website

| J Toral | ,
So you sent your resume to a potential employer. Fantastic. What was your email address? Was it joeschmoe@somemail.com, or was it joe@schmoe.com? Speaking of personal domains, lets review why they …

Business websites are the new real estate

Having a business in this modern era means one thing for certain, you need a website. Just a few years ago, putting up business websites with just your business name and a couple pages of informati…

The value of a personal coach

| J Toral |
When you are sitting at work, stressed about where you are personally or professionals, who do you go to for advice? If you are a young adult trying to get the right kind of experience to meet ridi…

Why you should consider a business consultant

| J Toral |
Whether you need help with developing a business plan, or are just working on a single project, consider a business consultant to help you reach your goals. These individuals have a couple of uniqu…

The right material to improve yourself

Sometimes, the areas you want to improve in are not job or business oriented. Maybe you want to learn a new language, or you want to build better health habits. With so much material out there, it …

Moving your career forward in the long term

Stagnation in your career can seemingly come out of no where. Moving your career forward in the long term takes focus. You worked hard to get where you are at, and you worked hard every day after, …

Getting Hired, Part One: Back to Basics

| J Toral | ,
So you are looking to get a job. No problem, we’ll just hop on the ol’ Craigslist, send a few emails and be at work by Monday. But wait, you haven’t heard back from any of those companies and the o…

Selling to a new target market

| J Toral | ,
Whenever a business tries selling to a new target market, there is one of two results. Either they arrive, take hold, and sell products left and right or they do nothing, go nowhere, and fade away …

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