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Author: J Toral

Business websites are the new real estate

Business WebsitesHaving a business in this modern era means one thing for certain, you need a website. Just a few years ago, putting up business websites with just your business name and a couple pages of information was enough. Now, you have a hundred buzzwords to remember from SEO to Responsive Design to Pay-Per-Click and on and on goes the list. So what gives, why are all of these things so important, and why can’t you just get on doing business?

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The value of a personal coach

value of a personal coachWhen you are sitting at work, stressed about where you are personally or professionals, who do you go to for advice? If you are a young adult trying to get the right kind of experience to meet ridiculous resume requirements, what do you do? This is where you should learn the true value of a personal coach or mentor when trying to move into the next chapter of your life.

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The right material to improve yourself

Find the right material to improve yourselfSometimes, the areas you want to improve in are not job or business oriented. Maybe you want to learn a new language, or you want to build better health habits. With so much material out there, it can be easy to pick up any book with a nice title and start reading. The question is, are you choosing the right material to improve yourself? How do you know if the person giving the advice is reliable? How do you know if following the steps will give you the results you want?

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Getting Hired, Part One: Back to Basics

Getting HiredSo you are looking to get a job. No problem, we’ll just hop on the ol’ Craigslist, send a few emails and be at work by Monday. But wait, you haven’t heard back from any of those companies and the ones that took the time to interview you never called back. So whats the deal, what’s the trick to getting hired?

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Selling to a new target market

selling to a new target marketWhenever a business tries selling to a new target market, there is one of two results. Either they arrive, take hold, and sell products left and right or they do nothing, go nowhere, and fade away without a fuss. The amount of impact a company can have in a new market is based on how well the prepared their entrance. That marketing strategy determines how they will introduce themselves to new customers, and build loyal customers.

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Increase your cash flow by working less

Increase your cash flowLet’s face it, as business owners we’ve learned two things about how to increase your cash flow. The first is that it takes money to make money, and the second is that if you want to get paid you have to put in the work. So, how is it possible to do the opposite? Short answer: By doing to your business what the auto industry did to motors.

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Planning Your Startup Company, Part One

Planning Your Startup CompanyIf you are in the early stages of planning your startup company, you have probably started to look at what things you need to do to make your dream a reality. Maybe you have started to hear worrisome stats and facts about the chances of success. So what happens when you start searching for the proverbial “key to success”?

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