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Getting Hired, Part One: Back to Basics

Getting HiredSo you are looking to get a job. No problem, we’ll just hop on the ol’ Craigslist, send a few emails and be at work by Monday. But wait, you haven’t heard back from any of those companies and the ones that took the time to interview you never called back. So whats the deal, what’s the trick to getting hired?

It’s not you, it’s your price tag

So whats going on, why are so many companies that need people not even willing to give you a try? Well, it comes down to a little bit of math and a whole lot of feelings. You see, every hiring manager understands the cost of hiring new staff. They have to pay the interviewer for the time to interview, the trainer the time to train, and if you don’t work out, they have to pay it all over again.

So, with so little knowledge about you, why would they assume that you aren’t worth it? Simply put, because you don’t feel right. When they are on the fence about someone, it is always the smart investment to err on the side of not hiring you. So what can you you do to help them see that their investment will be returned? Well, for starters, it helps if you realize how unbelievably expensive you are.

Your cost, by the numbers

Let’s take a minimum wage position just for example. The added costs of matching your taxes, and the insurance to hire you, add to the cost of everything you do. This can easily take a $10 an hour employee to $15 an hour or more. The cost of your first month can be around $2500, and that doesn’t include the trainer or other support staff. To make their margins the will have to sell more than twice that to break even on you.

So now, realize that you are trying to sell someone about $5000 worth of goods, your time. Respect the amount of money they are putting down on you. Hearing the phrase “I know it’s expensive to hire someone new, but I am dedicated to making it worth it for the company” can let an interviewer know that you are able to put yourself in the companies shoes, and put the company first. It shows a mature approach to the value of your time, and can help the company trust in their investment.

In the next part of this series we will examine together the reasons why something as small as how you deliver your resume is keeping you from getting hired.

Help getting hired is available now

If you or your child need additional assistance with the important steps of getting a job, an Employment Coach can be a permanent investment into the future. If you have questions, or would like one on one coaching, check out the services page. Questions about what we can do together are always free, and can help you determine if your struggles with employment can be solved by learning from someone who teaches interviewers how to interview.

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