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Moving your career forward in the long term

moving your career forwardStagnation in your career can seemingly come out of no where. Moving your career forward in the long term takes focus. You worked hard to get where you are at, and you worked hard every day after, but now you can’t seem to gain momentum. So, whats the best approach?

A lot mistaken causes have been attributed to career stagnation. Sometimes it looks like the company you are at has you on a dead end path, and sometimes it looks like the career it self has led to no where. Often it has nothing to do with these things, and the solution can be found by seeing if you have stuck to your long term plan for the career you are after.

There in lies the problem. Most young people today have been left completely uneducated in career planning. The phrase is used so vaguely that it has lost most of its meaning. Even identifying the factors that can affect a persons career have been ignored by educational institutions from public school to colleges.

The idea of planning your career path should not be intimidating either. Simply knowing how influential it would be to get a promotion from line cook to team leader at your local fast food establishment could shave five years off of your career goals when you finally get to the industry you want.

Get help moving your career forward

Planning out these things can be difficult. Maybe you have a son or daughter that needs a source of mentor-ship in these influential life decisions. If you are feeling stuck, or hit a dead end, the best thing to do is get some out-side the box ideas. If the idea of an Employment Coach sounds like something that would help you or your family achieve more, take a look at the services page. Questions about how simple long term planning for a career can make a big impact are always answered for free. It can help to know if these options are right for you.

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