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Increase your cash flow by working less

| J Toral | ,
Let’s face it, as business owners we’ve learned two things about how to increase your cash flow. The first is that it takes money to make money, and the second is that if you want to get paid you h…

Planning Your Startup Company, Part One

| J Toral | ,
If you are in the early stages of planning your startup company, you have probably started to look at what things you need to do to make your dream a reality. Maybe you have started to hear worriso…

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  • J Toral will show you how to optimize your marketing spending

    How to optimize every dollar you spend on digital marketing

  • J Toral will show you how to measure the return on investment you get online
    How to measure your ROI and identify your weak spots
  • J Toral will show you how to make a complete digital marketing plan
    How to develop marketing plans that get tangible results
  • J Toral will show you how to attract visitors and convert customers
    How to attract website visitors and convert them to customers

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“There is no way to overstate the importance of website security in your digital marketing plan. Customers, as they move to a more online first shopping experience, understand the risks of using insecure sites…”
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“How Security Affects Online Marketing”


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