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Business websites are the new real estate

Business WebsitesHaving a business in this modern era means one thing for certain, you need a website. Just a few years ago, putting up business websites with just your business name and a couple pages of information was enough. Now, you have a hundred buzzwords to remember from SEO to Responsive Design to Pay-Per-Click and on and on goes the list. So what gives, why are all of these things so important, and why can’t you just get on doing business?

Imagine this scenario, you want to open a new restaurant in your town. Whats the best place to do it? Main street, where all the traffic is, on a lot with plenty of parking. What kind of building? One that is not to big, not to small so that you can afford the rent and seat plenty of customers. What color do you paint the sign, the outside walls, the inside walls? What do you make the menus look like? So many important decisions when opening for business all because of one reason, it is where your customer experiences your business.

The customer experience has changed

Now, customers are even ordering their food online. If you own a business, the customer wants to do everything from their seat, or on their phone… probably both. So your website is your new store front. So you buy a little piece of the internet and you give it an address, but instead of 123 Main street, it’s Then you hire a designer to draw up the plans, and a developer to build it. So, where is main street and how do you get your new business on it?

Main Street USA is now Main Street Google. If you want your business to get traffic, it needs to be at the busiest intersection in town. Getting on the front page of google has lots involved, because google, like you, wants to serve its customers. It also wants to make a profit, like you. So you can get their by being the best thing for googles customers, or by buying your way onto the front page

It’s not over just yet

After that it’s all about maintenance and updates. Have you ever seen a business that hasn’t had a paint job in 10 years? Or that hasn’t changed their displays since last summer? Stale business lose their customers interest. Too little change will cost you business, to much will make you unrecognizable to your customers and to the search engines. Balance here is key.

These are just a few things that can help you relate the complicated world of websites to every day things. In this series I will try to give clear examples of why we do what we do to keep websites driving you business.

Help with your business websites is close at hand

If you are working on new business site, and want a professional web developer and business consultant to give you plain English answers to your questions, take a moment to look at the services page. Send your information in via any of the contact forms, and I will answer your questions. Business websites are the new real-estate. Together we can work on a strategy for placing you on main street.”

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