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Why you need a personal website

Why you need a personal websiteSo you sent your resume to a potential employer. Fantastic. What was your email address? Was it joeschmoe@somemail.com, or was it joe@schmoe.com? Speaking of personal domains, lets review why they can make a huge difference in your career, as well as a major difference in your work on social media. Here are a few reasons you need a personal website.

A personal website is your chance to make a resume dance off the page. If your personal, professional website, promotes you and the amazing knowledge you’ve amassed, you will have a huge advantage over the rest of your field. If the rest of your field already has one, then, well, you are already behind.

Starting early counts

Keeping a professional blog can also aid you in your lead building and professional networking efforts. Want to be the most popular insurance agent in your town? Being the most well known source for insurance information blog posts is one heck of a way to do it. Google prioritizes known and shared sources. So the sooner you start, the more weight you will have in your industry when you need it most.

What other reasons would you need a personal website for? Maybe you just want to start writing as a hobby, and want to gain followers. Seems easy, but in order to spread the word about your site past the friends of your friends, you will need a strategy for showing up in everything from search results to twitter feeds.

Start with a good site, and take the time to make sure it works on everything from Internet Explorer and Edge, to Chrome, Mozilla, and Safari. Then start checking those browsers on different devices. The more users that have access to your site, the more likely you are to gain new followers. No one follows a page they can’t read.

If you need a personal website, just ask

This series of articles will continue to expand on building up and developing your personal site. If you need help with this, and want to hire a developer and or coach/consultant to aid you in getting to your goals faster, try taking a look at the services page. Fill out a contact form with your information to get your questions answered for free, and see if a consultant is right for you.

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