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Coaching for Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit growth trends are moving more and more online. Traditional donor campaigns are being replaced by fast-moving pushes to gain high volumes of small-giving, reoccurring donations. While some of these campaigns go viral, it is more important to master a steady stream of new incoming donors.

On top of that, costly advertising campaigns cut into an already small administrative budget for many organizations. Streamlining the process and keeping as many parts internal are key in having a healthy ROI for your online marketing.

Generate growth for your organization while maintaining a low overhead by having a coach work with your team to teach them the systems for successful online marketing.

marketing coaching for non profits

New Non-Profits

The inspiration behind every non-profit starts with one person’s big dream to have an impact on the world they live in. With billions of people in the world, it’s almost impossible to not share that dream with a great number of others. The question then is, how do you find them?

Digital Marketing in its current state provides a great number of tools to get your message in front of the right people, and more importantly, at the right time. Giving is not always a top priority for your donors, so building “brand” awareness and a large audience will pay a great many dividends and propel you toward seeing your dream realized.

Established Non-Profits

Once you have a healthy, functioning, non-profit organization the stress begins to pile up. Donors often expect every single dollar of their donation to go toward the mission. It can be extremely difficult to justify spending a donor’s money on advertising for more donations. After all, you’re not running a ponsi scheme, you are trying to change the world for the better.

But what if you knew that, for every donor dollar spent on marketing, you would guarantee an 8-10 fold return in new donations? If every donor knew that a dollar they donated was worth 10, they would have no problem with you using those funds as you see fit.

Enter Conversion Rate Optimization. Together, we will eliminate wasteful marketing efforts, focus on improving the ROI of winning campaigns, and track the spend and return so accurately, that marketing will no longer feel like a gamble for you or your donors.

Mature Non-Profits

A mature non-profit means mature donors and while corporate donors can be extremely reliable and worth pursuing, your private donors can be risky. Not only are new charitable foundations and estates fewer, but the ones that do exist are also often very focused on the non-profits they are supporting. To make matters worse, traditionally successful donation campaigns like Snail Mail and E-Mail are slowing down. 

Don’t get left in the dust. More and more individuals are committing to donating regularly in small amounts to organizations they support. These “crowdfunding” style donor bases are attainable at extremely high ROIs when the campaigns are planned and executed correctly.

Let’s work together on bringing your marketing into the modern era, and teach your team how to systemize and repeat the results, time and time again.

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